Adjustable Float Valve


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Adjustable Float Valve

The Adjustable Float Valve is used to shut down your reverse osmosis system when the float is elevated and prevent overflows or loss of water down the drain. Float valves are typically installed on a variety of containers like plastic food grade trash bins, 20 litre barrels or 200 plus litre commercial storage containers. Installation is as easy as drilling a small hole in the container, sliding the float valve into the hole, attaching using the nut.  Also suitable for auto-top-off direct to the aquarium or sump and freshwater supply tanks.


  • Drilling a small 10mm hole in the container
  • Sliding the float valve into the hole ensuring the rubber seal is on the inside
  • Attaching by tightening the jam nut
  • Push ¼ inch tubing into the orifice
  • Tighten the compression nut.


  • Inlet: 1/4 inch tubing
  • Estimated flow rate: 5.7 LPM at 40 PSI
  • Max Pressure: tested to 100 PSI
  • Approximate diameter: 35.6 mm
  • Length: 145 mm – Inlet adds approximately 25 mm to overall length
  • Bodies made of NSF approved PVC
  • Seal: chemical resistant Santoprene rubber.

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