Pro-Series CO2 Adapter – Sodastream


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Pro-Series CO2 Adapter – Sodastream

This CO2 Art Pro-Series CO2 Adapter is designed to install onto Sodastream bottles and then securely attach to a regulator with W21.8-14 / TR21-4 threads.  Unlike other adapters the CO2 Art Pro-Series CO2 Adapter has an ON/OFF pin that allows the adapter to be attached to the bottle with releasing CO2 gas.

Installation Instructions

  1. Turn the ON/OFF pin to the off position (does not depress the Sodastream bottle valve).
  2. Secure the Pro-Series CO2 Adapter to the Sodastream bottle.
  3. Attach your CO2 regulator to the Pro-Series Co2 Adapter.
  4. Turn the ON/OFF pin to the on position until the gas is released and the regulator registers pressure.
  5. Connect your CO2 diffusing product and adjust the regulator needle valve to the correct bubble rate.


With adjustable precision ON/OFF pin valve.
Elbow design allows correct horizontal CO2 regulator installation.
Made with anti-corrosion and durable materials.


Thread Interface: W21.8-14 / TR21-4
Colour: Black
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Interface Diameter: 21.8mm/0.86in
Weight: Approx. 96g