Q2 Freshwater Light


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Q2 Freshwater Light

The Q2 Freshwater Light is the perfect solution for lighting your small planted aquarium or refugium. They are affordable, simple to use and easy to install. Every Q2 light includes a flexible gooseneck with mounting bracket and a simple on/off switch. They have a 6 LED layout with 1 x 450nm Royal Blue, 2 x 3500K Warm White and 3 x 6500K Cool White.

These Q2 Lights are perfect for small aquascapes up to 30cm square, adding extra light to larger aquariums and a variety of other purposes.  This light has a flexible rubberized mounting arm that can be used in nearly limitless positions. The included clamp works on tank trims up to 24cm wide, and is ideal for rimless tanks or Euro-braced sumps. Connecting the Smart LED Controller (not included) allows you to simulate sunrise and sunset with 8 time slots or to simply set your on and off times.


6 x 3 watt LEDs
Sleek Design
Secure bracket for glass up to 24mm
Aluminium construction for better heat dissipation


1 x 450nm Royal Blue
2 x 3500K Warm White
3 x 6500K Cool White
Voltage: 240V 50/60hz
Size (cm): 38 x 7.2 x 2
Power: 18 watt