Small Particle Lignite CarbonOut Of Stock

Small Particle Lignite Carbon 1 litre


Small Particle Lignite Carbon is a great option to remove yellowing pigments, pollutants, irritants and medications from your aquarium.

1 Litre
1 Tablespoon per 8 Gallons (30 litres) of tank water
Use a media bag or reactor (best used in a reactor)

Synfil Water PolisherOut Of Stock

Synfil Water Polisher


Synfil Water Polisher is the best form of mechanical filtration to filter water before it enters the biological media or polish the water before it returns to the aquarium.

Size (mm): 500 x 500 x 10

PO4x4 Phosphate RemoverOut Of Stock

Phosphate Remover 250ml


PO4X4 Phosphate Remover is a unique chemical engineered polymer based mini pellets that will specifically remove phosphate approximately 4 times more efficient then most GFOs.

This pack of 250 ml will remove 3 ppm of phosphate and silicate from roughly 8.000 litre of fresh water or 4.000 litre of marine water.  It is recommend to use a small amount and gradually increase.