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Single Loc-Line Flared Nozzle 1/2 inch


The Single Loc-Line Flared Nozzle 1/2 inch is very flexible and allows you to adjust your flow and circulate the water in any direction.

Water movement provides the following benefits:

  • Heat distribution
  • Increase oxygen dissolved in the water
  • Keep debris and particles suspended so they can be removed by mechanical filters
  • Currents offer resistance for fish to swim against

Watchdog Leak Detection Alarm


An overflow or a leak from an aquarium or equipment can cause a huge mess if not detected right away.  The Watchdog Leak Detection Alarm gives a very loud audible alarm in the event water comes in contact with its sensor pads to help safeguard your home from water damage.

110dB High Frequency alarm
Extremely sensitive (works with RODI water)
Detects water as shallow as 1/32″
Replaceable 9v Battery (not included) lasts up to 24 months (recommend testing battery once every 6 months)